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    Downtown Manchester is a great example of a place where you can choose to drive, walk, ride a bike or take a bus. Learn why communities are finding it beneficial to provide transportation options.


    Do you want to help create more transportation options? Show Up & Speak Up at a public hearing. We’ll show you how, where and when.


    Transportation options make it easier for young people to live and work in New Hampshire without owning a car.

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Welcome to Venues and Voices

People and organizations across New Hampshire want to improve our quality of life and make our state an even better place to live, but they find that a lack of transportation options limits the progress they can make.  Most think transportation is a problem “someone else” is working on, but it doesn’t work that way.  It will take all of us raising our Voices together to make change happen.

Many people want to help, but don’t know what to do,  how to do it, or where to do it.  That’s why we’ve developed Venues & Voices, to show you how and where to Show Up & Speak Up for transportation options.  Ready to get involved?  Sign up as a Voice to get access to events, training, and more.

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    Why Raising the Cap on the Optional Fee Makes Sense

    Since 1997, RSA 261:153:VI has enabled communities across New Hampshire to vote for an optional vehicle registration fee, up to $5 per vehicle, to be deposited into a municipal transportation improvement fund. This fund is then used to pay for local transportation projects. This enabling legislation lets communities decide whether or not to impose such a fee, how much to charge, and how they will use the fund. It is LOCAL financing for LOCAL transportation improvements. HB121 is a bill that simply changes the cap from $5 to $10.  
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    Other bills we're tracking

    Here are three other bills Transport NH is keeping an eye on in Concord.
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