About Us

Transport NH is the backbone organization of the Statewide Transportation Initiative, supporting organizations throughout the state working to create an integrated transportation system that gives people options for getting around.  Our network partners established a transportation policy agenda for 2016 to help increase transportation options.  Read more.

Our vision for 2035: Transportation in the Granite State drives a vibrant New Hampshire economy and supports healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy environment.

Here is what it will take to realize that vision:

  • NH’s transportation system is kept in a state of good repair.
  • People travel safely in New Hampshire.
  • NH residents have equitable access to a healthy quality of life.
  • Transportation is a major contributor to a strong New Hampshire economy.
  • Transportation is affordable in New Hampshire.
  • Transportation contributes to a healthy environment.

Here are some questions we’re asking about transportation:

  • What impact does our current transportation system have on New Hampshire’s ability to attract businesses and retain a skilled workforce?
  • How does transportation affect our ability to provide health care to our citizens?
  • What is transportation’s role in the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic?
  • How does our built environment affect our ability to lead a more active life?
  • How does transportation affect the environment in New Hampshire?
  • How can transportation enhance our efforts to improve the quality of life in our towns and cities?
  • How can transportation be improved to allow people who can’t drive or don’t own a car to fully participate in community life?

Rebecca Harris, Director

Transport NH Board