Transportation Policy Agenda

The 2016 Transportation Policy Agenda adopted by the NH Statewide Transportation Initiative partners:

  • Establish a Complete Streets study committee in the legislature:  SB 364
  • Raise the cap on the optional municipal vehicle registration fee from $5 to $10:  HB 1119
  • Public Private Partnerships to finance transit solutions:  SB 88 and SB 549
  • State match for federal transit operating funds
  • Commitment to transportation options for I-93
  • CMAQ funding should remain a resource for transportation options
  • Best Buy vs Lowest Bid when purchasing vehicles
  • Allow developers to pay a fee in leiu of parking
  • Encourage communities to use the optional registration fee for transportation options
  • Measure transportation options in the NHDOT Balanced Score Card
  • Adequate funding for roads that are safe for all modes of travel
  • Integrated transportation planning across all modes and focused on broader state goals

Talking points for these agenda items are included under How to Speak Up.