Here are some ways you can Show Up & Speak Up for transportation options.


    Send your thoughts to the local paper or to your elected officials.

How to Speak Up

So you've decided to Show Up & Speak Up for transportation options.  Great!  Now what? 

This section gives you the tools you need to:

If you're going to Speak Up in person, first you'll need to find a Venue, and then you'll need some tools.  We've got data, infographics, talking points, even templates for speeches and letters you can use.  And don't forget to let us know how it went in your Event Report.

General and Issue-Specific Talking Points
Transportation Policy Agenda

Transport NH is the backbone organization of the Statewide Transportation Initiative, supporting organizations throughout the state working to create an integrated transportation system that gives people options for getting around.  Our network partners established a transportation policy agenda for 2016 to help increase transportation options.  Details on each policy item can be found here.