Keeping It Local


Why are more communities taking advantage of the 1997 New Hampshire law that gives them the authority to charge an additional vehicle registration fee to pay for transportation projects? 

Because they know that having transportation options will help them achieve their long term goals of a healthier community that is economically vibrant.

These communities know that making their downtowns more livable and walkable has been shown to increase retail sales, increase commercial and residential property values, and help their citizens avoid metabolic diseases such as diabetes by making it safe and inviting to walk or bike on their shorter trips.

They also know that this local registration fee is one of the few ways to pay for the infrastructure changes that will bring these benefits.  RSA 261:153, VI gives communities the authority to levy the optional fee, and states that the funds raised must be used on transportation improvements.  Communities decide at the local level whether to charge the fee, how much to charge, and how to invest it in projects that will make theirs a better place to live, work, and play.

Some communities are already using these locally-controlled funds to pay for road and bridge improvements, including sidewalks and bike lanes.  Others use it to support local bus service.  All consider it a vital source of revenue in their always stretched budgets.

The current law caps this locally-controlled fee at $5.  A bipartisan bill (HB 121) has been introduced to change the cap to $10.  This is not a tax or a tax increase.  It is enabling legislation that lets communities decide if they want to invest more of their own money in transportation improvements. 

The Municipal and County Government Committee will hear this bill on

Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017

11:00 am

Legislative Office Building

Room 301

You are welcome to attend the hearing.  You can also sign a sheet saying you support the bill, or you can even make a statement to the committee.

If you can’t make it to the hearing, you can give your state rep a call.  They say as few as three phone calls can be decisive.  Emails are much less effective, but better than nothing.

If you or someone you know lives in one of the towns below, your phone call can help get this bill through committee next Tuesday.  If you want your community to have a way to invest in a better future, now’s your chance.

NH House Municipal and County Government Committee:

Community Committee Member Phone
Alton Peter Varney (603) 765-6380
Atkinson Debra DeSimone (603) 362-4314
Atkinson William Friel (617) 960-7445
Canaan Timothy Josephson (603) 523-2023
Chatham Frank McCarthy (603) 356-9160
Claremont Ward 1 Francis Gauthier (603) 543-7382
Conway Frank McCarthy (603) 356-9160
Derry Richard Tripp (603) 434-4674
Dorchester Timothy Josephson (603) 523-2023
Dover, Ward 5 Susan Treleaven (603) 749-2347
Dover, Ward 6 Susan Treleaven (603) 749-2347
Dublin Frank Sterling, Vice Chair (603) 532-8284
Eaton Frank McCarthy (603) 356-9160
Exeter Julie Gilman (603) 580-1393
Fitzwilliam Frank Sterling, Vice Chair (603) 532-8284
Gilmanton Peter Varney (603) 765-6380
Hale's Location Frank McCarthy (603) 356-9160
Hampton Falls Francis Chase (603) 944-0830
Harrisville Frank Sterling, Vice Chair (603) 532-8284
Hebron Steven Rand (603) 236-6587
Holderness Steven Rand (603) 236-6587
Hollis James Belanger, Chair (603) 465-2301
Jaffrey Frank Sterling, Vice Chair (603) 532-8284
Keene Ward 3 David Meader (603) 357-1340
Keene, Ward 2 John Bordenet, Clerk (603) 352-0680
Manchester Ward 10 Jane Beaulieu (603) 626-1260
Manchester Ward 11 Jane Beaulieu (603) 626-1260
Manchester Ward 12 Jane Beaulieu (603) 626-1260
Marlborough Bruce Tatro (603) 352-3904
Northwood Brian Stone (603) 724-2291
Plaistow Debra DeSimone (603) 362-4314
Plaistow William Friel (617) 960-7445
Plymouth Steven Rand (603) 236-6587
Raymond Carolyn Matthews (603) 244-2027
Richmond Bruce Tatro (603) 352-3904
Rindge Frank Sterling, Vice Chair (603) 532-8284
Roxbury Frank Sterling, Vice Chair (603) 532-8284
Seabrook Francis Chase (603) 944-0830
Somersworth, Ward 2 Susan Treleaven (603) 749-2347
Swanzey Bruce Tatro (603) 352-3904
Troy Bruce Tatro (603) 352-3904
Warner Clyde Carson (603) 456-2562
Webster Clyde Carson (603) 456-2562
Wentworth Timothy Josephson (603) 523-2023
Winchester Bruce Tatro (603) 352-3904