Why Raising the Cap on the Optional Fee Makes Sense

Since 1997, RSA 261:153:VI has enabled communities across New Hampshire to vote for an optional vehicle registration fee, up to $5 per vehicle, to be deposited into a municipal transportation improvement fund. This fund is then used to pay for local transportation projects. This enabling legislation lets communities decide whether or not to impose such a fee, how much to charge, and how they will use the fund. It is LOCAL financing for LOCAL transportation improvements. HB121 is a bill that simply changes the cap from $5 to $10.   Continue reading

Other bills we're tracking

Here are three other bills Transport NH is keeping an eye on in Concord. Continue reading

Policy Update 17 Feb 2017

Advocates turned out this week to support complete streets and a local source of funding to pay for them. Continue reading

Complete Streets for Valentine's Day

SB243 helps communities use Complete Streets tools to make life better. Continue reading

Keeping It Local

Why are more communities taking advantage of the 1997 New Hampshire law that gives them the authority to charge an additional vehicle registration fee to pay for transportation projects?  Continue reading

Why Should You Care?

If you have a car and a driver's license, why should you care about transportation options?    Continue reading