Other bills we're tracking


Here are three other bills Transport NH is keeping an eye on in Concord.

  • HB267 is a bill to repeal the NH Rail Transit Authority, eliminating the body that looks after passenger rail.  The House Transportation Committee decided to retain the bill for further study after the Committee Chair, Steve Smith, suggested the Rail Transit Authority could be expanded to be a multi-modal board looking at creating a 21st-Century, forward-looking transportation system for New Hampshire.  They will study the subject over the next few months, then likely issue a report.  We'll keep you posted.  You can also follow the bill's journey here.
  • HB154 allows transit buses to use modern technology to delay a red light by a few seconds in order to clear the intersection.  This would improve on-time performance, save fuel, and reduce traffic congestion.  The bill passed the House Transportation Committee and was placed on the consent calendar then passed by the full House on Feb. 9th.  It is now in the Senate Transportation committee, with a hearing scheduled for March 7th at 1 pm in the Legislative Office Building, Room 103.  If it passes the Senate, it's on to the Governor's desk for signing!  The bill's docket is here.
  • SB203 requires the NH Department of Transportation to use federal highway safety funds to install a traffic light or rotary at the intersection of Routes 28 and 171 in Ossipee.  On the surface this sounds like a great idea.  Who wouldn't be in favor of improving the safety of an intersection?  Unfortunately, this bill ignores the transparent, data-driven policies that guide the award of federal highway funds in New Hampshire.  The table on page 14 of this NHDOT Highway Safety Improvement Program Manual and Guidance show, there is a fair and objective way to determine funding priorities for safety improvement projects.  Having your local Senator introduce a bill so that your town can jump the queue sets a bad precedent.  The bill passed the Senate Transportation Committee and will be voted on by the full Senate on March 9th.  If it passes it will probably be introduced to the House Public Works and Highway Committee after crossover in late March.  The bill's docket is here.